Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Statement of Purpose

"In the case of political identity that's being threatened, culture is a way of fighting against extinction and obliteration. Culture is a form of memory against effacement."
-Edward Said

Being a filipino in Amerikkka who plays & records music, paints, sketches, designs, and writes, I'm definitely interested in knowing what other Asian & Pacific Islanders (API) out there are doing creatively. Also being anti-authoritarian, finding music and art (done by APIs) that actively resists oppression is pretty hard to come across. So I decided I'd try to start a blog that can collect information about radical API artists/musicians/wordsmiths etc. and in turn help create a network of solidarity in our fight against the oppressive dominant mainstream culture (which represents the perpetuation of racism/capitalism/imperialism/sexism/heterosexism/classism) . These different DIY/indie activities include but are not limited to: music, movies, spoken word, poetry, comics and zines etc.

"the power to analyze, to get past cliche and straight out-and-out lies from authority, the questioning of authority, the search for alternatives. "
-Edward Said

Some guidelines for this blog:

1. All individuals or groups covered in SLANTY must identify or contain a person who identifies as API or part API.
2. All content must have actual leftist thinking and inspirations behind white liberal/progressive type bullshit. Let's keep it real and radical.
3. No reliance on corporations, this is not Giant Robot.

Please write in with comments, questions, or suggestions and especially if you want to contribute on a one time or continuous basis. Ideally, if successful, this blog will become collectively run. So please keep in touch.

Peace & Justice.


  • At January 10, 2005 at 7:23 PM, Blogger Radical Hapa said…

    Hey whats up

    Hanging here in Portland with friends, checking out your blog. Like it, not Giant Robot eh? Nice.

    My partner is Pinay, we'll track your blog for a bit. Keep up the good work - you in Seattle?



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