Friday, January 07, 2005

NYC: Brown Like Dat: South Asians And Hip Hop

This was forwarded to the APOC list by Suneel, below is a brief write up about the films being shown in NYC on Saturday January 15, 2005. For more info check out: the 3rd i website

About the Films
Brown Like DatDirector: Raeshem Chopra Nijhon 2005. Video. 34 mins.

Brown Like Dat: South Asians and Hip-Hop gives a voice to South Asian MCs, beatboxers, spoken word artists and producers. With hip-hop as its lens, this documentary is a colorful portrait of the rainbow of political ideals, social messages and experiences that is in part young South Asian Americans today, revealing an emerging layer of this second generation community. Through their music and their lives these artists speak on everything from racial profiling post-9/11 to identity in second-generation immigrant communities, forcing us to question "traditional" South Asian existence in America in fresh new ways. Featured Artists: Abstract Vision Humanity, Chee Malabar from Himalayan Project, D'Lo, Jugular, Karmacy, and MC Kabir.

Resistencia: Hip Hop In ColombiaDirector: Tom Feiling2002. Video. 51 mins.
This video offers an unusual look at the current political and economic crisis in Colombia -- including a decades-long civil war, a rampant drug trade, kidnapping for ransom, and financial scandal at the highest levels of the government -- through the eyes of young Colombians, in particular the country's finest rap musicians, DJs and breakdancers. These young artist-activists turn out to be surprisingly articulate in their analysis of the nation's deteriorating situation and its role within a global economic system dominated by the U.S. They also provide rare insights into life in the poor barrios of this volatile country and how traditional Latin music has been surpassed in popularity by rap music. Resistencia is thus not only youthful and entertaining, it is also angry and enlightening.

Best Music Film, Portobello Film Festival
Best Foreign Documentary, Urban World NYC Film Festival
Special Jury Prize, Bogota International Film Festival
Honorary Mention, Oakland Film Festival
About the Director


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