Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Petition for Parole of Eddie Zheng

Eddie Zheng is a politicized prisoner who is a writer, a poet and organizer. The following was set to me by Anmol Chadda (thanks Anmol):

The time has come to put pressure on the Governor to accept the paroleboard's recommendation that Eddy Zheng finally be released from prison. Last week, Eddy completed his 19th year in prison on a7-years-to-life sentence. The Governor now has less 2 months toannounce his decision of whether to accept or reject the parolerecommendation. However, the Governor will likely reach his decisionwell before then -- within the next couple weeks -- and announce itlater. It is critical to send letters supporting Eddy's parole to theGovernor *now*.

We know that you often receive appeals to send letters to support arange of causes. Here, the 3 minutes you take to print this letter,sign and mail it can make a huge difference in the lives of Eddy andhis family. Over a dozen state legislators, members of Congress, andthe judge who sentenced Eddy in 1986 have already expressed theirsupport to the Governor. It is absolutely necessary that Eddy showsthat he has community support for his parole.

Below is a form letter you can use as a template. You can just printthis out, sign and mail it to the address below. Please e-mail me( to let me know that you've sent a letter (it isextremely useful in keeping track of his support). If you know Eddypersonally, it would be good to personalize the letter if you can.

We will keep you updated on any developments. Until then, keep up withEddy at his blog:


Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger
State Capitol Building
Sacramento, CA 95814
ATTN: Peter Siggins
Re: Parole for Eddy Zheng, D-42837

I strongly urge you to accept the parole recommendation of Eddy Zheng,who was found suitable for parole by the Board of Prison Terms onNovember 10, 2004. Mr. Zheng has now served over nineteen years of aseven-years-to-life sentence and would no longer pose a threat tosociety if paroled.

Mr. Zheng earned his GED after being incarcerated at the age of 16,and he went on to earn a college degree in the San Quentin CollegeProgram. He has participated in every prison program available to him,reflecting an unwavering commitment to rehabilitating himself. Hiswork with at-risk youth through the Alternatives to Violence programstands out as a meaningful contribution he has already made to societywhile incarcerated.

He has always accepted guilt and show remorse for his crime. Now, atthe age of 35, Mr. Zheng has spent more than half of his life inprison and truly represents a model of the potential forrehabilitation.

He has several job offers available to him upon his parole. At least adozen state legislators support Mr. Zheng's parole, in addition to thejudge who sentenced him in 1986, the attorney who prosecuted him, andseveral key community leaders. He has strong community support which will play an important role in making a smooth transition intosociety.

Mr, Zheng was previously found suitable for parole over six years ago.Since then, he has only continued on a path toward rehabilitation andshown that there is nothing to suggest he would pose a dangerousthreat to society if released.

I strongly urge you to accept the recommendation of parole for EddyZheng and allow him an opportunity to make positive contributions tosociety.



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