Tuesday, January 11, 2005

POWER 99 FM Star & Buc Wild controversy

This was sent out on the APOC list, it pertains to the Star & Buc Wild program on Philadelphia's station POWER 99 FM. You can listen to it here. Or if you just want to read a written transcription click here. In this segment the hosts take on the persona of some white people who spout bigoted statements about Asian Indians along with serveral misogynist statements. Sites such as Turbanhead and Moorish Girl are covering it as racist and misogynist. This is not to downplay the statements, or give you the impression that I don't believe that said statements were blatently disgusting and violent, but it is interesting that Turbanhead has a clip for Conan O'brian which they say does a "great job" on the matter of outsourcing. See it here.

This is interesting because the protagonist (Andy) goes to India to find the outsourcing person he had contacted about a computer question. While there the camera picks up various "native" looking scenery and people who just don't seem to understand Andy and don't get a chance to really say anything either. At the end Andy contorts his mouth while a "funny" song with "funny" (yet degrading) lyrics flash as subtitles at the bottom of the screen. Andy even does a dance that the "natives" are doing, but of course it's funny because he is not native, he is a white tourist. In the end the Conan segment ends up degrading the native people, the culture and the land, through words, images and actions.

Why is this more acceptable than the Star & Buc Wild program? Is there a deeper level of anti-Black racism going on here? Let us not forget that Star & Buc Wild took on the persona of white people who were appropriating Black culture (the hair bead machine) and took on sentiments of anti-asian & anti-outsourcing that the majority of white folks regularly practice. This is a critical question to the API folks that are outraged pertaining to the aforementioned examples: is it not okay for Black folks to practice white supremecy but okay for white folks to practice white supremecy? Let's put it another way, would we be this outraged if an API person from the U.S. said the same statements toward, or made the same "comedy" type segment, in Africa?


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