Monday, January 10, 2005

Seatte, WA: Wing Luke Museum presents an exhibit on API adoptees

I've not been to this museum so I don't know first hand what it is about, but the subject matter is interesting as the trans racial adoption trade is rife with social/political issues that pertain to imperialism, white supremecy, capitalism, API identity etc. The exhibit is presented with a brief paragraph:

While many adoption trends are tied to specific historic events, such as war and poverty, Americans adopting children from Asia has grown in demand. As thousands of children and babies enter into the United States each year from Asia, many prospective parents face challenges in raising a child of another ethnicity from their own, as well as the general questions of identity adoptees acquire through adolescence. The adoption experience is complex and very personal. This exhibition captures the brave journey adoptees make in pursuit of self-identity. This intimate exhibition is a unique melding of history, personal testimony, culture, and art from adoptees, adoptive parents, family members, and those involved in the adoption process.

The above view is obviously very conservative in its outlook, but it would be interesting to witness the actual exhibit. The exhibit will be up from January 7 -September 4, 2005. It will be located at the Wing Luke museum, more information can be found here.


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